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Toonami Aftermath [10 Nov 2010|12:43am]
So, a good chunk of you are fans of old school Cartoon Network/AS. I feel it's my duty to inform you of this site I just discovered called Toonami Aftermath. They stream the old 90s lineup. So all your favorites are there. Space Ghost, Cartoon Planet, The Brak Show, Megas XLR, Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Lupin III, Home Movies, Mission Hill, DBZ, Reboot, Batman, Johnny Bravo, Gundam, X-Men, Samurai Jack.

It's pretty awesome. My computer hates it though. My computer's already frozen more in the past few days than the couple years I've had it.

On a side note, hi. I have icons of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. I've had icons for like over a year or something and they've never been posted because there are so many of them and I was too lazy to put them up. Do people even use LJ enough for me to make icons? Regardless, they'll be up sometime before 2011. Because people have been waiting. Hahahahaha. Not.
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Chelsea Lately Icons (NSFW) [30 Aug 2009|01:06am]
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Gotta Promote This... [20 Jul 2009|09:53pm]
Because it's safe to say that the majority of people I have friended on here have found me via [AS] or more specifically Frisky Dingo I'm going to do FX and Floyd County Productions a favor by posting this here. Basically, the guys over at 70-30 started a new studio and a new show that's going to be paired with Always Sunny in Philadelphia this fall. It's best described as Frisky Dingo 2.0. With spies. Or maybe that's because the main character looks like Xander. Who knows. They've yet to disappoint and judging by this voice cast they had a much bigger budget. H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, and even Jessica Walter are involved. (Even better since Jessica Walter's character seems exactly like Lucille Bluth!) I'm not so sure how I feel about the three-dimensional art but I have to give them credit for doing something different.

(Image used from USA Today.)

Smell the embarrassment.Collapse )
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Paurt Deux [10 Jul 2009|04:26pm]
Completion. Here's Batch 2. All sorts of different gradients going on here. Some icons without gradients. I don't know what was going on in my brain.

Link to Batch 1
(Lucy Lawless, Guy Pearce, Courtney Arquette Cox, Rob Schneider, Aisha Tyler, Teresa Palmer, Misc.)

Bedtime Stories: Batch 2
Russell Brand [36]
Keri Russell [20]
Adam Sandler [39]


Your fun is only limited by your imagination.Collapse )
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Bedtime Stories: BATCH 1 [08 Jul 2009|07:46pm]
Big batch of icons folks. To save people with slow speed connections from going crazy I'm splitting it up into two parts. The second part is just the main three characters.

And since it's all from the same movie I'm sorting them by celebrity. Something new for me. It all goes in order of the list.  Some of these have multiple characters in them. They just go with whoever I thought was more in focus.

Haven't posted much. One of the movies I want to make icons from isn't released here so I need to use the subbed version which is a pain and the other is only working in a certain media player. We'll see what happens. Whenever I say I'm going to work on something I don't. So I'll use reverse psychology.

Bedtime Stories Batch 1

Lucy Lawless [12]
Guy Pearce [19]
Courtney Arquette Cox [6]
Rob Schneider [6]
Aisha Tyler [7]
Jonathan Morgan Heit/Laura Ann Kesling [10]
Richard Griffiths [5]
Teresa Palmer [22]
Miscellaneous [12]

Batch 2
(Keri Russell, Adam Sandler, Russell Brand)


Actually I like ketchup on my face. It's rejuvenating for the skin.Collapse )

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[15 Mar 2009|03:27pm]

In my continuing efforts to make icons of things nobody else does-- comes this batch. The Weekenders icons are here because there are none. Just of the first 10 episodes. Yes I'm well aware of the grammatical error on 1 of them, it looks better that way though.

The Arthur icons were because I was watching the episode with Art Garfunkel on PBS the other day and remembered just how creepy the celebrity guests on that show look. The Backstreet Boys are a prime example. Have to say though, it's well-written for a childrens show. Seriously, how many kids think about the Backstreet Boys being corporate sell-outs? Then again, nobody really thinks about the BS Boys anyways.

The Weekenders: Episodes 1-10 (52)
Arthur Backstreet Boys Special: (36)


Hangin's what the weekend's all about.Collapse )

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Always Sunny in Philadelphia Icons [08 Jan 2009|03:46am]
It was bound to happen at some point, it should have been sooner though. I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the ASIP after several people recommended it to me and now I'm hooked. I laughed so hard at it. I'm not so sure it's a good thing that a few of the guys who told me to watch it said it reminded them of me or my sense of humor. I'll take it as a compliment but I guess it could also just mean I'm a horrible person. Anyways, most of the icons are from The Nightman Cometh. A few other episodes are in there too.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (54)



You gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boys hole.Collapse )

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Happy Alvistide! [27 Dec 2008|02:32am]
Happy Alvis-Tide to you all! I figured I may as well represent this holiday since nobody else usually does. Plus I've seen every other holiday mentioned at this point. And here I thought I was surrounded by Alvians.

Now join me in the Alvisllujah chorus!

24: Sealab 2021: Feast of Alvis Quote Icons



A Penny'll Start A FireCollapse )

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Stand up for abuse of power before you have any. [03 Nov 2008|04:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"Stand up for loving the parts of America that love America and hating the parts of America that don't."

Not my usual batch of icons, and it's politics. I try to stay away from politics because we hear about it too much. But I told some of the Shin-Chan writers that I was going to spread this clip and I fully intend to. So feel free to show it to people if you think they'd enjoy it. I laughed. I'd like to think you guys will too.

I have so many videos I want to spam people's journals with. Sorry. I'll refrain.

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Entourage Icons [06 Sep 2008|08:17pm]

Sundance is a great festival for little people. You should kill over there.Collapse )

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[20 Jun 2008|11:26pm]
Why is this taking so long? Because. I can't not watch this movie. I love it that much. It's so hard to stop it. I've probably seen it at least 50 times. At least. Plus I'm trying to work on different coloring techniques.  I really want to do it without pre-made textures and gradients. So, we'll see. Some of these are plain. I'm experimenting. Which is another reason it's taking a while. Plus my ADD.

Also, random Xanadu musical icons. These were made as a joke. I'm a jerk and I decided to change a couple of guys icons to Xanadu ones on a forum I moderate. Because Xanadu is pretty much the best movie ever. I've heard the musical is actually funny though. So who knows.

Blades of Glory: Deleted Scenes (67)
Xanadu on Broadway (14)
Arj and Poopy (12)

As always, feel free to change anything around. Just let people know where the icon came from in case they want to use it, and comment so I know what people like.


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[14 Apr 2008|10:05pm]
Both The It Crowd and Never Mind the Buzzcocks are really quotable shows! That being said, this is just part 1. I've got a whole list of quotes that I still have to do. If your favorite one isn't here yet, let me know. These are actually taking longer to make then I thought because I'm trying to make them all have different backgrounds.

The Into the Wild ones came about because I was researching Emile Hirsch to see how he'll be for Speed Racer. Yes, I'm a nerd. I watched all of his movies in one week. They're pretty basic screencaps. I edited the colors a little. Nothing fancy.

The coloring on the Aqua Teen ones are off. I guess maybe the Fix. I don't know. I stopped doing them early on in the movie because they weren't looking very good.

Into The Wild (36) +Banner
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters (27)
The EmoOC (5)
Frisky Dingo (1)
Random (9)
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (21)
The IT Crowd (27)


Coming Attractions
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (More)
The IT Crowd (More)
Blades of Glory
Speed Racer
Frisky Dingo (When I get my DVD back.)
Shin Chan (When I get the DVD.)

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[17 Mar 2008|12:40am]
Well, I've got a random small icon dump here. But before that, I'm going to put up my Speed Racer advertisement. Because I love Speed Racer. I love him a lot. And I wanted him to at least have a community that embraces all the different fans of Speed. Whether it be of the original cartoon, Speed Racer X, or the new movie.  Go Speed, go!

Adam West Batman Movie(56)
Sealab (12)
Watchmen Movie (5)
Wolverine Origins(1)
Bizarre Super Smash Brawl (20)
Sealab Promo (1)
Bonus Frisky Dingo Icons!

Future Projects-

And possibly Scooby-Doo, more Sealab, and more Super Smash Brawl!


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Today is brought to you by the letter 'p.' [20 Feb 2008|02:59am]

Persepolis (36)
Pirates of Dark Water (28)
Clone High(1)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force(1)


So, I don't usually do anime icons as much because everybody else does. But there's a lack of Paprika icons and the art is amazingly beautiful. So I wanted to make some. I don't think a lot of people have watched the movie even. But that's OK. Also, be warned, there are spoilers.

Also, I was going to keep with the 'P' theme and do some Peter and the Wolf icons from the Oscar nominated short but considering how many icons are here and how long it takes to load. I'll wait. Also I doubt anybody would use them. If you want some, just say so. I have them made.

And the brushes came from Obsidian Dawn
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Fun-Time Icon Batch! [08 Feb 2008|03:14pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace(5)
Family Guy (1)
Reno 911- Tommy Hawk(4)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force-Sirens (4)
Sealab 2021 (9)
Adult Swim Classic Promos (3)
Clone High (3)
Batdance-Vicki Vale (1)
Frisky Dingo-Season 2(77)


Finally got around to doing some Dingo icons guys, I'd still like to do more of them in the future though. There'll definitely be a ton of icons when the DVD comes out. 

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Small batch of Marvel Zombies [04 Feb 2008|06:47pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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You take the good, you take the bad and there you have batch 3! [19 Jan 2008|12:47am]
[ mood | amused ]

Speed Racer (163)
Comic Book Ads (4)
Clone High (8)
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (3)
The Jetsons (1)
Hex Girls/Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost (22)
Facts of Life Puns (FatalFury intro) (7)

Friends Only Banner-
Speed Racer


Rules under cut. Enjoy!

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Icon Batch 2: Calm Before the Storm [30 Dec 2007|01:09am]

Rules: 1. Please credit comicaze.
            2. I'd also appreciate if you'd comment.
            3. If it can be used as a base, go right ahead.
            4. Feel free to request things.
             5. NO HOTLINKING PLEASE! Photobucket doesn't like that too much. :D

Johnny Quest(2)
Robot Chicken(3)
Saul of the Molemen(4)
Perfect Hair Forever (20)
Sam and Max: Hit the Road(9)
Frisky Dingo (14)
Legendary Frog's Hobbit (3)


So, I wanted to get this batch in right now. My next one is going to be themed, and this just makes it easier for organization. I fully intend on making the icons I said I was going to last time. I just keep getting distracted or don't have DVDs of the show. I need to make better Frisky Dingo icons. Seriously, it's next on my list.

And it's too big of a file-size to use for an avatar and looks like crap when I optimize it, but ASTRONOMICAL CAT GO!

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Icon Batch 1 [15 Dec 2007|12:10am]
Hey guys. I've got some here. Don't worry though there's more coming. There's a lot of good cartoons and shows that aren't being represented. Also, you can tell which ones I've done as time goes by. They're progressively better. Though some of the bad quality is due to the sources. My animation is cruddy. If anybody wants to show me a tutorial, please do!

Rules: 1. Please credit comicaze.
            2. I'd also appreciate if you'd comment.
            3. If it can be used as a base, go right ahead.
            4. Feel free to request things.
             5. NO HOTLINKING PLEASE! :D

Harvey Birdman(2)
Tom Goes to the Mayor(1)
The Soup(9)
 Flight of the Conchords(4)
Robot Chicken(8)
Lucy, Daughter of the Devil(4)
Clone High Quotes(6)
Clone High(30)
Johnny Quest(15)
2 Stupid Dogs(1)
Takeshi Murakami(1)
Kanye West Graduation Video(3)
Eg Daily(1)
Muppet Babies(1)
Saul of the Molemen(2)
Yo Gabba Gabba(2)
Dr. Tran(2)
South Park(1)
Megas XLR(2)
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure(2)
Rocko's Modern Life(1)
Perfect Hair Forever(1)
8 bit D&D(1)

Friends Only Banners
Lucy, Daughter of the Devil



I just wanted to get these batch done so I don't have to make it any bigger. Coming Soon: More Clone High, Frisky Dingo, Johnny Quest, Pirates of Dark Water, Sam and Max, Okage: Shadow King and more.
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Hey Kids! [23 Oct 2007|01:15am]
I'm going to be using this journal to post graphics and the first batch should be coming sometime within the next week. This is kind of just an introduction post and a rules post.

First off, expect to see a lot of cartoon graphics. Cartoons and comedies are pretty much my two main things. Also, I still need to download some new brushes and fonts to add more variety to the icons. And as far as animated icons go, I'm just learning how to do the animations...so they're a little kind of jumpy right now. I apologize.

I'm pretty easy-going. I just have a few rules.

Please credit. And don't claim icons as your own.
Don't say anything rude to anybody here. If you don't like an icon or show, I don't want to hear you complaining.

That's it! Feel free to use icons as bases if they can be used as a base. And commenting isn't necessary but I'd love to see which graphics people like.

Also, if you have any requests, just post them here!


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